Clan Quests Walkthrough



This section describes how to get and complete each of the original Clan Quests available in CQM.


Brujah Clan Quest – Blood Magic

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This quest opens up for the Brujah player after solving the plague bearer quest for the Anarchs. Be sure to tell Damsel you want to join the Anarchs after completing the quest, or it won’t become available.

After agreeing to join the Anarchs, talk to Damsel again. Now she should talk to you about performing a mission to prove your loyalty to the Anarchs. If you go along with everything she says, she’ll ask you to raid the Tremere chantry.

You have twp options for getting into the Tremere chantry. The main item you are looking for is the talisman locked in what would normally be the Tremere haven.

The first option is to charge in and kill Strauss. Strauss is not an easy opponent to defeat though, and he will summon blood guardians to defend himself, as well as drain your blood, teleport around, and set you on fire with thaumaturgy. If you manage to defeat him, it will unlock the Tremere haven, and allow you access to the talisman.

The next option is to sneak in. The haven door is still magically sealed. The only way to open it is to get a special ward from Ox in Chinatown. Once you have this quest, you can ask Ox for a magic ward, and he will offer you one if you can solve his riddle.

The trick to solving his riddle is to consume the blood of both a Chinatown rat and a Chinatown hooker in the Purple Lotus. If you do both of these things and return to Ox, he will take a point of your blood in return for putting a ward on you.

Once Ox works his magics on you, you can return to the Chantry. This time the haven door will be open, but there will be several guards present. You must dispose of them without being seen to get in and out of the Chantry undetected. If the guards spot you, when you try to leave, you will be teleported before the Regent, and have to explain yourself, and fight Strauss or lose the quest. The best way to sneak around the guards is to use celerity to buy yourself a few extra seconds to kill either guard before moving on to the next one.

Once you have the talisman, return to Damsel for your reward.



Gangrel Clan Quest – Feral Research

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This quest starts for the Gangrel player after you talk to Beckett in the museum. He will ask you to retrieve a book from the Kuei-Jin palace.

Once you agree to the quest, you will realize there is no way for you to get into the palace, and the next time you see Beckett, he won’t be interested in the book any longer.

Therefore, you must rely on your friend Knox to help you get the tome. That assumes that you are friends with Knox and that you helped him with his problem earlier with the “Asian vampire”. If you haven’t done Knox’s quest, you must do so now. If you made enemies with him earlier, you should be given an opportunity to apologize.

Once you’re on good terms with Knox, you can talk to him and convince him to help you. However, you truly must convince him. When talking to him you have to appear confident and approachable, but not abrasive, or you will have to rely on other means to get him to help. If your persuasion is high enough, or you have a high intimidate you can gain his support, otherwise you can bribe him to help.

Once he agrees to help, he’ll tell you that he has his own problem which you’ll have to solve otherwise he’ll likely soon be dead. His father found out about his ghoul nature and needs to be neutralized. You must agree to help Knox with his problem for the quest to continue.

You can find Knox’s father at the banquet at the Empire Hotel. He is clearly drunk and can be neutralized any one of several ways.

If you have a high persuasion you can convince him that it’s in his best interest to keep his mouth shut.

Alternatively, if you haven’t yet killed Jezebel Locke, and know her room number, you can send him her way.

Also, if you have a high enough hacking skill, you can hack the terminal at the desk to set off the fire alarm and send everyone into a panic. If you do this, Knox’s father, in his drunken stupor, will stumble into the stage’s backroom and pass out. Once he enters the room, you can kill him quietly without anyone noticing.

Finally, if you simply kill him straight away, a SWAT team will be dispatched to the hotel to kill you. You can continue the quest if you can make it out alive.

When you go back to Knox, he will have the book for you. However, when you leave the Asylum, you will see that the Kuei-Jin have come looking for their tome. You can ignore them or finger Knox. In both cases, they will leave you alone, but you will lose humanity. Alternatively you can fight them, to save Knox. They will send in additional hit squads as the fight progresses, or if you try to run. It is not an easy fight and you will likely get masquerade breaches if you try to use your disciplines to defend yourself.

Now that you have the tome, you can return it to Beckett the next time you see him for a handsome reward.



Malkavian Clan Quest – Conspiracy Theory

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This quest becomes available after the Malkavian player has spoken with Gary in the warrens. If you return to Tourette (Jeanette/Therese/Tourette), you will have a new dialog option in which she will pitch her idea to you.

She will explain that the time has come to dispose of Bertram once and for all, but that she cannot simply get rid of him without attracting the attention of both the prince and the other Nosferatu. Therefore, she proposes to kill Tung while you infect the LaCroix network with a virus from Tung’s terminal. This would make the prince believe that the Nosfertau are protecting Tung who is now in hiding, when in fact he’s dead, turning both of her adversaries against each other.

You must have a hacking skill of seven or better to take this quest. You can come back to Tourette, if you don’t have the skills straight away.

After you take the quest, as you’re leaving the Asylum, you should see a short cut scene of Jeanette or Therese killing Tung.

Once you have a high hacking skill, you can take the quest and go to Bertram’s computer. After you hack his computer and spread the worm, you return to your haven PC to find that you have two new messages: the virus email and a note from LaCroix asking you to carry out reprisal against the Nosfertau. He wants you to go to the warrens and destroy the Nosferatu’s local network.

When you head back to the warrens, you will see that the Nosferatu are on high alert, and are in set patrols around the warren. You can eliminate them or sneak past them, but will receive higher experience reward if you leave the Nosferatu untouched.

You must make your way to Mitnick’s room where he keeps his terminal. You have a few options:

If your hacking skill and your persuasion are high enough you can convince Mitnick to take the network down temporarily until things blow over.

Alternatively, you can hack Mitnick’s terminal for several options. You must deface his server in the following steps:

1. Take down the network.
2. Erase the HDD.

If you do it in the reverse order, his computer will lock down, and then network hardware will not be available for you to hack any longer, and you will fail the quest.

Once you have done this sneak or fight your way out of the warrens and return to Tourette for your reward. It’s important to note that the reward won’t appear on your character sheet. The reward is actually a permanent increase to XP rewards greater than 3, by 1 XP. This is cumulative with the artifact you find later in the game which provides the same benefit.



Nosferatu Clan Quest – Secret Sins

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For the Nosferatu player this quest becomes available after speaking with Gary. The player can return to Bertram for a new dialog option in which he asks the player to settle a score for the Nosferatu. The player’s goal is to find material to blackmail VV.

To get started, you have several options. First, you can go to Vesuvius and hack VV’s laptop for a clue to whom she is spending a lot of time with. Alternatively, you can go to the Sin Bin and if your intimidation is high enough, you can get Flynn to tell you that VV is spending a lot of time with Hatter lately.

Next, if you go to the Lucky Star, you will automatically come in through the back. You will find that someone is trying to call Hatter. He’ll be too freaked out to answer the phone if some Nosferatu is hanging around though, so you have to stay out of sight and listen to his conversation. You will find out that VV’s “father”, or sire, is somewhere downtown. Alternatively, you can kill Hatter to get into his PC and learn the same information.

Now go to the 3rd floor of the Skyrise apartments to find that VV’s sire is taking up residence there. When you enter he will start a conversation with you, demanding information. If you listen to him carefully, you’ll find out that he’s a member of the Sabbat, that he started Death Mask Productions, and that he made a snuff tape starring VV. Once he is done talking to you, he will try and kill you.

After fighting him go back to DMP. You will find that the police have come to investigate the scene from earlier. You can fight your way through the police or sneak around them, but you will receive a higher XP reward for sneaking around them. In the back room you can now find VV’s tape.

If you return to Bertram with the tape, he will give you your reward.



Tremere Clan Quest – Balance of Madness

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This quest becomes available to the Tremere player after they becomes Strauss’s apprentice; that means solving the plague bearer quest for the Camarilla and also neutralizing the gargoyle without telling Isaac about the Regent. It’s important that you complete these quests, or you won’t get the Regent’s offer.

After you have become his apprentice, speak with him again, and he will offer you a chance to do research on Malkavian insight. He will ask you to go to the Asylum and to diablerize Jeanette/Therese, if necessary, to gain her testimony about the madness network.

If you agree, when you go back to the Asylum, Jeanette/Therese will know right away what you are up to. She will dement you, sending you spiraling into insanity.

You will wake up in her bathroom, and find that her club and Santa Monica are all but empty. When you go to leave the club, you will find your sire at the bar. If you talk to him/her, they will tell you that you must make some important decisions to escape your state of insanity.

Now, go to the Santa Monica haven. You will find that Samantha is standing outside and that Dennis, the drug dealer, is in your old apartment.

Each of these character will ask you to destroy the other. You can choose to destroy only one or the other, or if you choose the right dialog options you can try to convince both of them to co-exist.

Once you have resolved that situation you will find your sire is waiting for you around the corner from Mercurio’s apartment. Your sire will ask you to make another decision.

Now you will find the Regent in Mercurio’s apartment, and Nines on the pier beach. Again, they will each ask you to destroy the other. You can choose one to eliminate, or alternatively, with a high enough persuasion, and by making the right dialog choices, you can ask each of them to co-exist peacefully.

If you choose to destroy either of them, you will find that they will be aided by a visage of yourself. Striking the visage will cause it to disappear.

Once you have made a choice, you will find your sire one last time in the parking garage. Your sire will ask you to make a final decision before leaving.

Now, go to the freezer room of the blood bank where you will find a mirror image of yourself. If you have a high humanity this visage will be evil, and vice-versa.

Your mirror image will want to talk to you and convince you of their worldview. You can destroy your visage in combat, or with a high persuasion you can sway the visage good/evil. Alternatively, you can accept the visage’s argument.

Resolving the conflict with this visage will make you sane again, and you’ll wake up with Strauss looking over you. Also your reward will be compounded as listed below:

Choose Samantha – +1 Dodge
Choose Drug Dealer – +1 Intimidate
Resolve both – +1 Charisma

Choose Nines – +1 Investigate
Choose Regent – +1 Scholarship
Resolve both – +1 Intelligence

Choose Good – Gain Obfuscate and gain two humanity if you were evil
Choose Evil – Gain Celerity and lose two humanity if you were good

Now that you are back with the Regent he will ask you to explain what happened. You will get 1XP if you can’t explain what happened or 2XP if you can. You’ll “get it” if you have intelligence higher than 2.



Toreador Clan Quest – Pulling Favors

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This quest becomes available to the Toreador character after defeating the Tzimisce in Hollywood. Returning to Isaac will give a new dialog option. Isaac will ask you to help him with a documentary he’s creating to expose the dark side of the LaCroix foundation, undermining the Prince. As a Toreador, you will be unable to refuse this art endeavor. He will ask you to find someone to present testimony against LaCroix.

Now go to the Empire hotel where you will find one of the female guests in the bar will talk to you. You can tell who she is based on her aura. You will have to be a pretty smooth talker not to piss her off. You must get her to tell you about her job, who she works for, and then tell her about your project and convince her to help you. If you convince her to help you, she’ll want you to complete favor in return for her, defaming the Asp Hole for a friend of her’s that’s trying to get into the clubbing business.

If you accept her terms, you must go to the Asp Hole and find a way to make the club look bad for her friend. There are three ways to do this.

With a high hacking skill you can hack the bar computer and delete all the tabs to make the bartenders look incompetent.

There will be three patrons you can talk to. If you annoy all three of them successfully you will succeed. You only have one opportunity per patron to annoy them before they won’t talk to you again. This is a particularly finicky approach and you must choose exactly the right dialog options.

Finally, there’s a girl in the bathroom, who you can kill or feed on. Since vampire bites wipe the memory of the victim, she will assume that she was taken advantage of … or she’ll be dead. Either case is not a favorable scenario for a nightclub.

Once you have done this, you can continue the game until you reach the Giovanni mansion. Now you will find Sascha on the inside of the mansion in the side hall left of the front door. If you have been successful at the Asp Hole, she will ask you for a final favor: you must sneak her out of the Giovanni mansion. There is only one possible route to take: through the secret door in the corridor you find Sascha in. Then move through the secret passage into the kitchen. Sneak past the guard in the kitchen and enter the secret door in the pantry. Follow that secret door around past the guard in the pool area, and then behind him to the door on the other side of the pool.
The other option is to kill everyone in the mansion without allowing Sascha to be hurt. In that case, she will wait for you to dispatch everyone else, and you then have to walk her to the back door by the pool.

After that, return to Isaac for your reward.



Ventrue Clan Quest – Dirty Deeds

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After making it through Grout’s mansion, the Ventrue player will receive an email from LaCroix asking for the player’s help in a discreet matter: having Skelter assassinated.

The email will give you direction to make contact with a hitman at the payphone in the diner in Santa Monica. When you go there the phone will be ringing. Talk to the person on the phone and agree to his terms. He’ll ask you to lead Skeleter to the pier and to also bring the book from the Giovanni mansion, the same old Pisha wants.

You can optionally ignore his request for the book, or grab the book at the mansion, or try to dupe the contact with the book in the Tremere Chantry about Thaumaturgical creatures. If you try and get the book from the Giovanni, they will have it in Bruno’s conference room, so you will have to fight your way in to get it.

For the second objective, you can convince Skelter to join you by first doing his Patty quest or by having a high enough persuasion. If you are female and have a very high seduction, that will also work.

When you leave Skelter’s bar, you will be approached by a vampire named Lorenzo, from the Sabbat, who will ask you not to help Adithya, the hitman, but instead to kill him. You can choose to help Lorenzo or not, but if you don’t agree to help, you won’t get any future contact from Lorenzo.

Now when you go to the pier, Skelter will meet you at the top level. Walk with him to the end of the pier, and a Sabbat hit squad will appear and attack him. Once Skelter is dead, you can try and fight Adithya, or you can give him the book, or with a high Investigate and a high Persuasion you can dupe him, using the book from the Chantry.

If you fight him, an additional hit squad will be waiting for you when you go to leave. You can kill them or sneak past them.

Go back to your PC to find an email from LaCroix congratulating you on your success. LaCroix will also send you a hefty reward. You will also get an additional email from Lorenzo if you agreed to help him and you killed Adithya.

Now, when you get to the Sabbat hideout at the end of the game, if you helped Lorenzo, he will be waiting for you at the end of the top floor, after you fight the Tzimisce monster. He will ask for your help to destroy the Ankaran sarcophagus. If you agree to help, you don’t have to fight the rest of the Sabbat.

If you agree to this, and if when you finish the game, you chose an option other than helping LaCroix or helping the Kuei-Jin, then when you reach Ventrue tower, Lorenzo will be waiting there for you and will help you in the final battle.



Evil Quest – Poison the Well-to-Do

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After arriving in the downtown area, you have the option of picking up this quest from one of the CDC workers, Steve, standing near the Tremere chantry. However, you must have a Humanity score less than 7 to agree to the quest. Once talking to Steve, he will explain about his desire to get a reassignment to Hollywood, and asks you to contaminate the water supply with some contagion samples he has on hand.

Once you agree to the quest, the four samples must be delivered into some drop points at the warrens. The drop points are containers which flush the chemicals away. Be careful! Anything placed into the pipes will be carried away forever. Also be sure to only place one contaminant in each of the drop points, or you’ll run out of them.

The first drop point is by the release valve towards the end of the first warrens map.

The second drop point is found as the hatch door in the second warrens map. This is in the room directly before the flow control room.

The third drop point is found in a series of pipes directly to the player’s left when entering the third warrens map.

The fourth and final drop point is also found in the third warrens map. It’s found to the left of the door which takes the player over the walkway and into the room with the first encounter with the largish Tzimisce creation.

Once all the drop points have have been poisoned, upon returning to the main Hollywood map, the player will find that the CDC, including Steve, has been reallocated, now watching over the main Hollywood strip. The player can talk to Steve to complete the quest. You will be awarded with $150 and a total of 5 XP. Additionally, you will be penalized a point of humanity.



Vigilante Scenario – Something Afoot at the Red Spot

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This scenario triggers when if you open the cooler doors at the back of the Red Spot store in Hollywood, which contains a clip of money. Doing so will initiate an event in which several robbers burst into the store, molest one of the other patrons, and demand the cash in the register.

You succeed at this quest, so long as you manage to kill the thugs without letting the female patron die. If you succeed, you can talk to the clerk to have him raise your finance skills by 1, and you can talk to the woman for a $200 reward.



Vigilante Scenario – For Evil to Triumph

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This scenario occurs from walking down the alley between Ventrue tower and the parking lot beside the Empire Hotel. You will see a prostitute about to be assaulted (or worse!) by two thugs. You can succeed at this quest simply by killing the two thugs before they kill the hooker. This requires very quick action!

If you are successful, and you wait a few seconds, you can talk to the hooker, and she will offer herself as a blood doll. She will appear occasionally throughout the downtown area henceforth, always as a willing blood donor.



Hitman Quest Line – Kindred for Hire

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This quest line becomes available after you complete the briefcase quest for Fat Larry in the downtown area. Once you’ve given Larry the case, check your email. You should receive a threatening e-mail from someone named Darnell, who knows you botched the exchange in the parking garage but is willing to allow you to atone for what happened in the garage by completing a contract killing.

The first hit takes place in the garage where things went down in the first place. You need to kill an accountant named Carl. When you go in the garage, the gang members will be gone, but there will be a few security guards. One of them is on the first floor. If you talk to him, and have a high enough persuasion, you can convince him to go outside.

The second guard is patrolling the second floor, which is also where Carl is located. Carl has lost his car keys and is walking around the garage looking for them. If he sees you however, he panics and runs, alerting the guards. If the guards see you at that point, you lose the quest. On the other hand, if the guards hear you kill Carl, they will come and check it out. If they see you at that point, you also lose the quest. The best thing to do is to sneak up on Carl and break his neck, or use a targeted discipline. If you can’t do that, then the best thing to do is shoot him from far away, run away, and then sneak past the guard on the first floor. After that, get out of the garage.

Next time you check your email you’ll have a message congratulating you on a job well done. It went so well, Darnell is willing to contract you out for more hits if you’re interested. The second hit takes place at the Confession club. There’s a new NPC there named Rico, a music industry rep. You can’t be seen killing him, or you lose the quest.

If you have Dominate or Dementation level three, you can talk to him to make him kill himself.

Otherwise, this requires some tact. The first thing to do is look around the club. On one of the tables you’ll see a shot glass that never got drank from. Use the dialog menu on the glass, and you’ll be presented with some options. You ultimately want to spike the drink with you blood and take it with you.

Once you have the glass, spiked with your blood, talk to Rico. You need a high persuasion or seduction skill to get him to drink the beverage. Once he does, he’ll be your mental slave, at which point you can make him kill himself.

If you’re Nosferatu, however, unfortunately, he won’t talk with you, and the only way to kill him without being seen is with Obfuscate level 5. The last option is to use a sniper rifle to kill Rico in one shot and then sneak out of the club without any of his bodyguards spotting you.

Once you take out Rico, return to your computer for a third message from Darnell. You should also have $200 in your mailbox. This time, he wants you to kill a congressman at the bistro in Hollywood. No stealth required in this mission – the bloodier the better. Simply head to Hollywood and kill the politician, who should now be at the bistro. He is protected by two body guards. Also, when he dies several police officers will move in to defend him. You’ll have to fight or sneak your way out.

Go back to your computer for this final hit. There should also be another $200 in your mailbox. This time, Darnell wants you to kill a rival gang leader in Chinatown. Supposedly, he should be at the bus stop on the first street you come to in Chinatown. Head to Chinatown and check out the bus stop. You’ll quickly find out that this hit is a trap! Darnell and some of his remaining gang members still want your head. Kill them all to complete the quest.



Dance of the Thrashing Dragon

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This quest becomes available after you’ve been to Chinatown and spoken with Ming-Xiao. After leaving her temple, there should be a new NPC standing at the end of the street near the taxi, Kalliyan. Talk to her to begin the quest.

Kalliyan is a Kuei-Jin that wants the player’s company and protection to experience the rest of L.A. She’ll ask you if that sounds agreeable. If you agree, then you’ll both be transported to the first location, Vesuvius.

When you first enter Vesuvius, Kalliyan will initiate a conversation with you. She’ll work out the details of how to pay the girls first. If you’re Ventrue you’ll have the option to offer to dominate the girls to get their attention for free. After that you can ask Kalliyan about how Kuei-Jin feed.

After you speak with her, if you’re Ventrue and opted to dominate a stripper, you’ll have to go talk to a girl on the main floor, and dominate her. In either case, once the girls are arranged, a short cut scene will play, and then Kalliyan and the player will have their way with the girls.

As you’re feeding from the stripper you’ll be unable to stop, and the girl will die, forcing you to lose some humanity. Kalliyan will talk to you about that, and then suggest you go downtown to party. If you accept, then you’ll both be transported to Confession.

Once you get there, Kalliyan will walk over to the bar and order some food and drinks, and then initiate a conversation with you. You will have an opportunity to talk to her about Kuei-Jin dharmas, including her own. Then she’ll ask you to dance. Following that, a short cut scene will play showing Kalliyan and/or the player dancing.

After awhile Kalliyan will talk to you again and ask you to join her with some stoners. If you’re Nosferatu, you have to wait while she subdues them. If you try to talk to the stoners too soon while a Nosferatu, you’ll scare them away, and Kalliyan will get pissed at you. In any case, you will end the sequence by feeding on the stoners. Kalliyan will then talk to you, and ask you to take her somewhere ‘freakier’.

If you accept, then you’re both transported outside where you’re assailed by some hunters that tracked you down from Vesuvius. You have to fight them, being careful not to hurt any innocent bystanders or breach the masquerade. Once that fight is over, you’ll be transported to the Asylum.

Here Kalliyan will talk to you, and suggest that you try to pick up dates and meet upstairs for a feeding frenzy. She’ll pick up a guy at the bar and walk upstairs. Meanwhile, you have the option of picking up a guy or girl standing next to the bar. You must have a high seduction skill for this to work. Whether you’re successful or not, you can talk to Kalliyan upstairs to continue. Once you’re done talking to her, if Jeanette is still alive, she’ll suggest you all take part in some group sex, which you can accept or decline. Of course, if you’re Nosferatu, you skip most of this, and just wait for Kalliyan to take her date upstairs.

After speaking with Kalliyan or Jeanette, you’ll be back down stairs with Kalliyan, where she’ll talk to you about Kuei-Jin society for a bit. She’ll then suggest that you wrap up the night somewhere more quiet to which you can suggest the pier.

You’re then transported to the pier where Kalliyan will talk to you a bit more. You can ask her about her history, to hear her sordid past. If you piss her off, you have to fight her. Otherwise, once the conversation is over, you’ll be confronted by some other Kindred whom are none too happy about your companion. You can choose to sell Kalliyan out to them, or defend her from them. If you have dominate or dementation 4 or higher you can convince them to leave peacefully.

After that encounter, Kalliyan will talk to you again, and you can either say good-bye or attempt to seduce her. If you’re successful she’ll come with you back to your apartment and a short cut scene will play.



Malkavian Bonus Content

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There’s two bits of bonus content available only to Malkavians.

The first can be found in the Ground Zero internet cafe. If the player approaches the terminal to the right of the door where you come in, you’ll be sucked into a Malkavian-esque conversation with one of the computers, much the same way as the stop sign in the downtown area.

The computer will ask a series of questions about popular internet memes. If you answer all the questions correctly, you’ll earn 1 additional XP. The correct answers to the questions are in the following order: 2, 2, 3, 3, 1, 3, 2, 3, 1, 1, 2.

The second encounter starts at the Santa Monica pier, in the arcade. If you approach the fortune teller machine, it will talk to you, and tell you to find another agent in the downtown area.

Once you get downtown, approach the gargoyle outside the library, closest to the chantry, to initiate a dialog with it. It will in turn tell you to find someone in Hollywood.

Once you get to Hollywood, approach the patio furniture which is in the alley behind the Asp Hole, to initiate a conversation with it. It will again, tell you you’re insane, and to find a psychotic killer tire in Chinatown.

Finally, if you approach the pile of tires near Zhao’s warehouse in Chinatown, you’ll talk to the tires, and conclude the quest – breaking through the 4th wall, and earning 1XP!


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