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This section describes how to find and complete several pieces of additional content available through Clan Quest Mod.



The humanity system has changed as well. Now it’s based on your current humanity as well as whatever heinous act you commit. In short, you don’t get punished for committing minor sins when you’re already a monster. In the vanilla version of the game, it wasn’t possible to have your humanity fall below three, but that’s no longer the case. Each misdeed has a “sin” level, and if that sin level is less than your current humanity, only then do you lose a dot in humanity. The sins are ranked (roughly) as follows:


Sin Table

10 Selfish thoughts
9 Minor selfish acts
8 Injury to another (accidental or otherwise)
7 Theft
6 Accidental violation (drinking a vessel dry out of starvation)
5 Intentional property damage
4 Impassioned violation (manslaughter, killing a vessel in frenzy)
3 Planned violation (outright murder, savored exsanguination)
2 Casual violation (thoughtless killing, feeding past satiation)
1 Utter perversion or heinous acts
0 No moral values. Must sleep, must feed, must kill


All that said, any good deed is good for your soul and will restore a dot in humanity. But it cannot be raised beyond your humanity pool level, which starts at 10 and is reduced by 1 every time you commit diablerie.

Diablerie on the other hand will always take a piece of your soul and cause you to lose a dot in humanity no matter what. This means that your humanity can actually be reduced to zero. If that happens, the next time you visit one of the city hubs you’ll instead be treated to a cutscene witnessing the last minutes of your character’s life, who is now reduced to a mindless beast.


To Build a Better Mouse Trap (Warrens Shortcut)

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Most veteran Bloodlines players agree that the warrens, i.e. the sewer levels after the Kings’ Way mission, is the worst part of the game. This shortcut allows you to skip that part of the game — although it still takes some work.

After fighting Andrei in the basement of the mansion, fight your way through the first level of the warrens until you get to a corridor with a door leading out of the sewers and back to the main Hollywood hub. From there, get in the cab and head back to Santa Monica to talk to Bertram Tung.

When you find him in his tanker, tell him about the Tzimisce attacking the Nosferatu. If you’re persuasive enough you’ll make an impression on him, but he’ll still pretend like he doesn’t care. Leave the tanker and hide somewhere outside. You want to wait for him to leave the tanker and head to the sewer opening nearby, by the bail bonds. He’ll appear differently though, as he’s using the powers of Obfuscate. Don’t let him see you.

Follow Bertram into the sewer, and you’ll automatically be taken to the Hollywood sewers. Continue following him and he’ll lead you through the sewers and to the cemetery. Enter the cemetery behind him.

He’ll then lead you through the cemetery and eventually to the mausoleum, at which point he’ll vanish. The door to the mausoleum will open for you, too, however and you can enter the Nosferatu hideout without fighting all the Tzimisce monsters.

If at any point Bertram sees you, you’ll fail the quest and have to go complete the warrens the normal way.

If you’re a Nosferatu player, you can skip all the tailing and he’ll tell you exactly where to go.

Of course, if you agree to join Andrei in the Sabbat, that’s another way to skip most of the warrens map.

The tailing sequences can take awhile, too, but truthfully, if you know where to go, you can just go do something else while you wait for Bertram to reach the destination on each map.



Hacking the Fu Syndicate

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Another part of the game that can be frustrating is freeing Barabus from the Fu Syndicate, but CQM allows for an alternative solution to this quest in the form of a social engineering puzzle. You have to collect clues from around the area and use the phone to trick the staff into letting you into their system. Here’s how to do it:

After you leave Glaze and have found out where Barabus is being kept, go inside the Fu Syndicate building but go behind the desk and find a post it note stuck to the security desk that has a four digit number on it.

Next leave the building and go to the dumpster in the parking lot besides the building. You should be able to dig through the dumpster by clicking a part of it. This will drop some pieces of paper on the ground. Look at each piece of paper. It looks like a series of unrelated notes but it will tell you the IT support phone number as well as the voice mail extensions for two members of the security staff.

Now go to the payphone outside the Fu Syndicate building and you should be able to pick up the phone and call a couple of different numbers. First call the security line and see what they say. They will want your employee ID.

Hang up and call the first phone number extension. It will be one of the security employee’s voice mail. Enter the code that you found behind the desk. Listen to both the voice mail messages.

Now hang up and call the second phone number extension. You’ll get the other security guard. Pretend you’re the first guy you called and use the information you got from his voice mail to trick the person you’re talking to now. If you have high Obfuscate you don’t need to trick him, you can just change how your voice sounds. Next, using a high persuasion score, you must convince him to give you your employee ID.

Once you have that information, call back the IT support phone number and tell them your employee ID. Have them reset your password to ‘sunrise’.

Now return to your haven, and get on your computer. You should have a new menu, “ssh”, which allows you to remotely access the Fu Syndicate using your new credentials. Do that and use it to remotely free Barabus and delete their data.

You should shortly after get a call from Gary in your haven congratulating you and giving you the next clue on your quest for the sarcophagus.




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Sandy Champion Complete all side quests in Santa Monica. You must complete all quests within a single
run of the game.

– Arthur Kilpatrick’s Quests
– Knox’s Asian Quest
– Finding Lily
– Retrieving the Werewolf blood for LaCroix
– Finding a new girl for Vandal, or convincing him otherwise
– Get Mercurio his morphine
– Introduce yourself to Strauss
– Get Bertram’s CD
– Save Heather’s Life
– Exploit Cooper


Astute Exposed Bertram’s Scheme

To do this you have to kill the Asian vampire for Knox, first. This means that you have to
trick Knox into telling you about Bertram’s scheme. This requires that you are either playing a Malkavian
or have an Inspection skill 4 or greater. After Knox spills his guts, you can confront Bertram and get
the achievement.


Alabaster Ally Help Jeanette Win the Feud

Be extra nice to Jeanette when speaking with her. Do what she says. Be rude to Therese.
When she and Therese confront each other, take her side at every point in the conversation.


Dark Sycophant Help Therese Win the Feud

Be extra nice to Therese when speaking with her. Do what she says. Be rude to Jeanette.
When she and Jeanette confront each other, take her side at every point in the conversation.


The Negotiator Resolve Jeanette and Therese’s Differences

Be extra nice to both Therese and Jeanette when speaking with either one of them. However, when Jeanette
asks you for Therese’s amulet, from the haunted hotel, POLITELY refuse her demands. Willingly slash the
paintings for her, however. When the two sisters confront each other, don’t take either side, and instead
take a neutral position. You must have a high Persuasion skill to succeed.


Private Eye Solve the Serial Killer quest

Complete the quest that begins on the first night on the Santa Monica pier. You should inspect the body at the end of the pier,
then do Arthur Kilpatrick’s quests. That will lead you downtown to the Skyline apartments, which in turn leads you to the
Lucky Star Hotel in Hollywood, and eventually back to the junk yard in Santa Monica.


Errand Boy Complete all side quests in the Downtown area. You must complete all quests within a single run.

This includes:
– The Plague bearer quest line for Strauss
– The Plague bearer quest line for Damsel
– Getting Larry’s Briefcase
– Taking care of the mafia for Venus … or alternatively taking care of Venus for Borris
– Silencing Patty for Skelter
– Retrieving the cult items for Pisha
– Poisoning the well for Steve
– Saving the hooker in the alley


Camarilla Cleaner Solve the Plague for the Angels quest for Strauss

Complete the Plaguebearer quest for Strauss, and refuse to solve the problem for Damsel


Anarch Sympathizer Solve the Plague quest for Damsel

Complete the Plaguebearer quest for Damsel, and refuse to solve the problem for Strauss


Royal Asskiss Gain the maximum achievable reputation with Prince LaCroix

Be as nice as possible to Prince LaCroix. Take his side on all matters. Ask him about himself.


Insubordinate Become Dominated by the Prince

Be tough with the Prince. Be a jerk. Reject his orders at every opportunity.


Star of the Strip Complete all side quests in Hollywood. You must complete all quests within a single run.

– Take care of the gargoyle for Isaac
– Kill the stripper for VV
– Silence Hatter for VV
– Help Ash escape the hunters
– Defend the graveyard for Romero or … alternatively, help him find a woman
– Convince Tommy to write a bad restaurant review for LaCroix
– Complete Imalia’s Quests
– Help Mitnick set up Schrecknet


Seduced Achieve maximum reputation with VV

To complete this quest you have to have completed both of VV’s quests, and also have been kind and flirtatious with her
throughout your dealings with her. This also requires a Seduction skill of 5 or higher.


Harder than Stone Defeat the Gargoyle

You have to beat the Gargoyle in combat.


Stone Heart Reconciled between gargoyle and Isaac

Get the Gargoyle quest from Isaac. Then go and confront the Regent about the Gargoyle, and get him to tell you the truth. Once you
know that Strauss created the gargoyle, you can confront the gargoyle. You must convince him to side with Isaac.
This requires a Persuasion skill of 6 or higher.


Whistle Blower Expose Strauss’s gargoyle

Get the Gargoyle quest from Isaac. Then go and confront the Regent about the Gargoyle, and get him to tell you the truth. Now handle
the gargoyle any way you like. Afterward, when you report back to Isaac, tell him where the Gargoyle came from.


Hacker Complete the Mitnick quests

Follow the email quest chain that Mitnick gives you after you speak with him in the Warrens. To complete the entire quest chain,
you need a high sneaking skill, and a high hacking skill. 8 or higher.


Paparazzi Complete Imalia’s quests

This requires that you complete both of her quests. That includes exposing Tawni, which requires a high sneaking skill and/or
obfuscate. After that you have to retrieve her old cover shoot magazine, from Flynn. That requires either $400 and a haggle skill
of 6 or higher, or $500.


Asian Emissary Complete all side quests in Chinatown. You must complete all quests within a single run.

– Help Yukie defeat the Hengyuki
– Complete both of Ox’s quests
– Resolve the differences between the two old hitmen


Sophisticated Complete the Giovanni quest without upsetting the party

First, convince the guests outside to leave, dropping their invitations. Talk to the woman, then convince her husband that she’s
too drunk to be at the party. They will leave their invitations behind, for you to enter the party with. Next, speak with Nadia.
Convince her to show you to the family basement. This requires a Persuasion skill of 6 or higher.


Glib Tongue Betray the maximum number of Giovannis

Speak with all three of the Giovannis at the party. Tell each one of them you can help them win the contest and collect
each of their respective secrets. This requires high persuasion skills.
Christopher requires a Humanity level of 5 or higher, and a Persuasion skill of 9 or 10. Mira requires a Persuasion skill of 9 or 10.


Escape Artist Save Ash twice

First, you must save Ash in Hollywood, at his club. You can do this by either convincing one of the club patrons to swap clothes with
Ash, to divert the hunters, or fighting the hunters through the sewers. After you successfully do that, you must free Ash a second time
in the Society of Leopold. Find him in the catacombs, and either pick his lock, which requires Security skill 10, or take the key
off one of the dead hunters in the main catacomb chamber.


Camarilla Cohort Complete the game with Camarilla Ending

To take the Camarilla ending, you must have introduced yourself to Strauss earlier in the game, and also not have betrayed or killed
him. When you speak with the Cabbie at the end of the game, ask him to take you to the Chantry.


Benedict Arnold Complete the game with the Kui-Jinn ending

To receive this ending, you must have agreed to be Ming Xioa’s ally after she confront you outside of the Hollowbrook hotel. When
you speak with the Cabbie at the end of the game, ask him to take you to Chinatown.


True Original Completed the Game, Standing Completely Independent

When you speak with the Cabbie at the end of the game, tell him you don’t trust anyone, and you want to carve out your own legend.


Bridge Burner Complete the game with Anarch ending

To receive this ending, you must have agreed to join the Anarchs earlier in the game. When you speak with the Cabbie at the end
of the game, tell him to take you to the Anarchs.


Fool me Once … Complete the game with the Prince ending

To receive this ending you must have been polite to the Prince, earlier in the game. When you speak with the Cabbie at the end
of the game, tell him to take you to the Prince.


Curiosity Killed the Kindred Complete the game with the sarcophagus ending

To receive this ending, don’t side with the Camarilla, nor the Kuei-Jinn. Instead open the sarcophagus for yourself.

Rabble Complete the game as a Brujah


Outlander Complete the game as a Gangrel


Lunatic Complete the game as a Malkavian


Sewer Rat Complete the game as a Nosferatu


Degenerate Complete the game as a Toreador


Warlock Complete the game as a Tremere


Blue Blood Complete the game as a Ventrue


Rat Sucker Easy enough: drain 75 rats! You have to complete this in a single run through the game. That is, you can’t drink 15 with one character and 60 with another and earn the achievement. Easy to get as a Nosferatu.


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