Listed below is a catalog of frequently asked questions about the mod and known issues that are present in Clan Quest Mod, the base game or in the integrated mods.  Please review this list before reporting an issue  or asking a question.


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Questions About the Mod

  • How do I pick which mods I want to install? – When you run the mod’s installer, there will be a screen that asks which mods you want to install, whether you want to install the Basic or Plus version of the Unofficial Patch and what other additional options you’d like to enable.


  • Does this work with the Unofficial Patch? – It actually includes an earlier version of the Unofficial Patch, meaning that all of the changes from the Unofficial Patch are already there, so there’s no need to install it. The specific version included is 9.2. During the install process you can choose to install the basic patch or the plus version of the patch.


  • So, it’s really ALL the changes from the Unofficial Patch? – No — but it’s close. Without getting too technical, some of the changes from the Unofficial patch simply cannot be reconciled with the changes from Clan Quest Mod, so they are not included. There are a few other changes from the Unofficial Patch that also haven’t been included, mainly because of artistic differences. Most notably, the fight against the werewolf cannot be be fought or won in combat, unlike the Plus version of the Unofficial Patch.


  • But I’d like to use a newer version of the Unofficial Patch? – Unfortunately, different patches and mods for Bloodlines cannot be installed together without breaking one another so it’s not possible to play newer versions of the Unofficial Patch and Clan Quest Mod at the same time. You can install both patches, and run them in separate instances of the game, but you cannot play them in the same game.


  • Will you update Clan Quest Mod with the newest version of the Unofficial Patch? – Probably not, but the good news is that the newest version of the mod, 4.1, includes some of the features from the newest version of the unofficial patch, including the new maps and quest.


  • What exactly is included in Comp Mod Lite? -The original version of Companion Mod allows you to take control of a number of NPCs in the game, and make them willing or unwilling companions. Comp Mod Lite trims the number of options down considerably, only making it possible for Yukie and Heather to join your party. You still have the option to embrace either one of them.


  • I’m not sure if I have Clan Quest installed right. How can I check? – The clearest way to tell whether or not the mod is installed correctly is simply to launch the game. The main title screen should have the text ‘Clan Quest Mod’, along with all the clan symbols printed beneath the game’s main header text. If you don’t see that, the mod is not installed correctly. A common mistake people make while installing the mod is pointing the installer at the wrong folder. You have to point it to the game’s main installation folder, e.g.

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\vampire the masquerade – bloodlines

It should create a directory called ‘CQM’ inside that folder, e.g.

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\vampire the masquerade – bloodlines\CQM



  • Can I pickup my saved games in progress after installing the mod? – No. If you try to run the game from a previous saved game after installing the mod, it will likely create some very disruptive bugs.


  • I like Camarilla Edition except for the blood timer. Can I turn it off? – Yes. The blood timer feature will force your character to lose blood automatically over time, depending on your character’s stamina score. This is meant to simulate the ‘blood spent rising each night’, part of the canon source material. During the install process there’s an option to turn the blood timer feature on or off. If you want to tweak the blood timer’s settings, this is also possible but you must modify your game’s files carefully.


  • The online college is missing in Camarilla Edition Lite. Can you put it back in the game? – This was an intentional decision, and one that is being carefully reconsidered as part of version 4.1 of Clan Quest Mod, still forthcoming.


  • Is it possible to run this game / this mod on Linux or Mac using Wine or another Windows emulator? – In theory, yes. However, it’s not recommended as the game was never meant to be run in an emulator and it may cause unexpected behavior.


  • I have a great new idea for the mod! What if … – I always appreciate hearing people’s’ suggestions, but because of the level of effort that has to go in to adding even a small quest makes it very prohibitive to actually take those ideas on board and make something of them. Therefore you’re always welcome to pitch ideas, but it’s very unlikely those ideas will be implemented.


Technical Issues

This section gives hints on how to solve certain technical issues you may run into with the game or mod. It’s important to note that this list is not comprehensive, mainly because Bloodlines is such an inherently buggy game. If you are having a technical problem and don’t see your question below, you should consult one of the following forum posts:


  • I don’t know how to activate the achievement menu! – As long as you have that add-on installed, you can press the ‘b’ key at any time to view the menu. If you’ve bound another key to ‘b’ then, you must first unbind it.


  • I pressed the b key but the achievement menu still isn’t appearing. – If you’re using Winodws Vista or Winodws 7, it’s possible that the operating system has security restrictions preventing applications from writing files to your hard drive. Writing files to disk is critical to making the achievement system work, however. This is easily fixed by running Bloodlines in ‘Administrative mode’. You can do this by right-clicking the executible and choosing ‘Run as Administrator’ from the context menu. Googling the topic will provide further help if you’re still not sure.


  • The achievement menu freezes or I can’t view the icons for achievements I’ve earned. – This is limited by the game’s (in)ability to create new in-game menus. However, there is an easy workaround. If your achievement screen is frozen, just press the Escape key to go back to the main menu and then return to the game and it should unfreeze. If you can’t see your achievements, try left-clicking to close the achievement menu, and then pressing ‘b’ again to view the next page of achievements.


  • The game crashes randomly / on startup / I can’t install the game / I get a Ram less than 15MB error on startup! – Bloodlines is a fairly old game, and one which is prone to a number of different technical issues. Not all of those problems can be specifically attributed back to Clan Quest Mod, but looking around on different forums can help solve some of these problems. One of the most comprehensive lists of fixes to get the game running is available here: Planet Vampire Forum Post


  • I’m trying to unpack the ZIP file I downloaded but it keeps crashing! – Because of the size of the installer and because it’s an EXE file, it’s often a target for anti-virus software. If you have such software installed on your computer, either disable your antivirus before running the installer file (this includes Microsoft Security Essentials), or just be patient. Most users experiencing this problem report that waiting an extended period of time, even if the system looks hung up, will yield results. And be sure to turn your antivirus back ON after you run the installer.


  • When I try to launch the game using the desktop shortcut I get a message “problem starting up steam” If this happens you are having issues launching the game in Steam, and you may have a version of Steam that is incompatible with the shortcut. To resolve this go to Vampire in your Steam library, right-click it, and go to ‘Properties’. From there click ‘Set Launch Properties’ and add this to the dialog box that comes up (w/o quotes): “-game CQM” . Now launch the game directly from you Steam games library instead of using the shortcut. You may also get this message if you try to use the desktop shortcut before you’ve started Steam and signed in with your user account.


  • Sometimes when I come to a map I get a message about ‘Node Graphs Updating’ or ‘AI Disabled’ – This message will appear when your game loads a map that’s been updated. It can be safely ignored in most cases. However, sometimes it will have side effects, like freezing all the NPCs. The best thing to try in that case is to reload the game from an earlier point, and revisit the map.


Known Issues


  • When I scroll to select my targeted disciplines, I can’t find anything past rank 2! – This bug comes from Camarilla Edition Lite. For some reason reason, the mod’s edits to the disciplines makes some of them no longer accessible via the mouse scroll wheel. The work-around is to use the hotkey binding menu in game (default key ‘K’), to set the inaccessible disciplines to buttons on the keyboard.


  • I’m playing a Nosferatu, and whenever I’m obfuscated, and select ‘Free the Beast Within’, the game crashes
  • I diablerized some other Vampire and now I have both Obfuscate and Protean 5. If I activate them both the game crashes – The game engine for whatever reason, cannot handle the morph effect that happens when you use Protean 5 (or Animalism 5 when Cam Edition is installed) when the Obfuscate effect is also rendered on the player – doing so causes the game to crash. You either have to avoid doing this, or only activate Obfuscate AFTER using Protean 5/Animalism 5.


  • I’m not able to assign my disciplines and items to the hot keys using the hot key menu! – Unfortunately, a bug in the game’s engine makes it impossible to use the hotkeys if you have more than four disciplines; the usual way this happens is by committing diablerie. Such is the cost of your immortal soul!


  • I’m well into the game, and I’m yet to get Gary’s poster quest – As an unfortunate casualty in the making of the Clan Quest Mod, I had to diablerize the poster quest chain. You see the game engine imposes an upward limit on the number of unique items in the game, so to include some of the new plot devices in Clan Quest, I had to ‘nix some of the old items. The items in the poster quest, were the best candidates since they were otherwise peripheral to the rest of the game.


  • The new East LA Hub seems to run a bit choppy. – This is an unintentional side effect of the map not being optimized. Because the design of the map is representative of an urban neighborhood in Southern California, most of the buildings are under 25 feet tall. With such a low skyline, a larger area of the map has to be rendered at any given time and gives the game a bit of lag.


  • The game seems to crash quite a bit more with CQM installed. – During testing it was identified that the number of changes needed to make everything in version 4.0 of CQM work introduced greater instability in the game. Sometimes the game will crash on map loads so be sure to save your game often.


  • Some of the new cut scenes don’t seem to animate correctly. – Getting the new cut scenes to work at all has been a tremendous technical challenge. On some systems, certain cut scene animations don’t work correctly.


  • I’m checking out the new Clan Quest content, but when I talk to some NPCs, there’s no voices. – This is due to the fact that voice actors couldn’t be found for all the characters in Clan Quest for which there’s new dialog. These are slowly being filled in, in subsequent versions of the mod as voice actors are found for the roles.


  • The new voice acting for David Hatter is terrible! – I know! I’m sorry!

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