Integrated Mods

Most mods for VTMB are not cross compatible, and cannot be installed together. However, Clan Quest Mod packages several other mods with itself for easy installation. During the install process you will be prompted about what other mods you would like to install (if any). This section describes the changes created by each of the additional mods, and how they interact with each other.


Unofficial Patch
by Wesp et all

Clan Quest Mod is actually built on top of the Unofficial Patch. This patch fixes countless bugs in the game. Since Clan Quest is built on top of this mod / patch, they are not separate install options; you must install the Unofficial Patch. Clan Quest Mod is specifically built upon version 9.2 of the Unofficial Patch.


Unofficial Patch, Plus Edition
by Wesp

The Plus Patch, for the Unofficial Patch, enhances the game adding: new quests, new encounters, new weapons, and additional gameplay changes. This mod is optional during installation. For a complete listing of changes found in both the Plus version and the standard version of the UP, consult the file “vtmbup-readme.txt”, found in the Documentation folder, which is copied to your computer when you install Clan Quest Mod. You can also check out the Unofficial Patch’s page which includes more information.

Although CQM is built on the 9.2 version of Unofficial Patch, the plus version does include some extras from newer versions of the patch, including the quest to the library and most of the new maps included in the Unofficial Patch.

Arsenal Mod
by Lenuska
Text/Copy by Iron Defender

The Arsenal Mod modifies the game’s weapons to be more unique and original. Melee weapons are replaced with the likes of golf clubs and medieval swords. Firearms are replaced with real m4 rifles, rocket launchers, and more. There’s even throwable grenades. This mod will modify the damage done by weapons, the models and sounds.

The textual descriptions included with each weapons have been re-written by Iron Defender since the mod’s first release.

This mod cannot be installed together with the Weapons Sound Mod. Installing one will exclude the other.

For a complete list of changes consult the following documents found in the Documentation folder in the Clan Quest Mod download package or view the mod’s webpage.
“Arsenal Mod Original Readme.txt”
“Arsenal Mod melee Table.doc”
“Arsenal Mod firearms Table.doc”


Camarilla Edition Lite
by Zer0morph and Childe of Malkav

Camarilla Edition Lite is a mod that adds several new gameplay features to the game, as well as modifies most existing gameplay elements. Camarilla Edition Lite is based on the official Camarilla Edition mod, but doesn’t include some of the more substantive changes. Changes included in CE Lite are as follows:

Blood pool loss over time
Complete overhaul on all vampiric disciplines
Changes to feat calculations
Increased chance to frenzy
New/Revised Histories
No regeneration from drinking blood
NPC revisions to eyeball skins
Changes to the Interface
New PC character skins
New Clan Weaknesses
Changes to weapon damage

Changes to weapons will be not be retained if this mod is installed with Arsenal Mod; Arsenal Mod’s weapons changes will be retained.

For more details about this mod’s changes, check out the mod’s webpage or consult the file “Camarilla Edition manual.txt”, found in the Documentation folder, in the Clan Quest Mod download package.


Comp Mod Lite
ala Dheuster’s Companion Mod

Comp Mod Lite is a modified version of the Companion Mod by Dheuster, which allows you to bring several NPCs along with you during your adventures. While standard Companion Mod allows for a wide variety of companions, Comp Mod Lite allows you to take both Heather and Yukie along with you on your travels.
This mod can be installed with any of the other mods. Check out the mod’s page for more details.


Achievement System
by Burgermeister01

This mod adds a new achievement system to the game. This includes a pop up message explaining the awards as you get them in the game, such as completing all the side quests in an area, or completing the game a certain way. It even includes a fun sound effect! There is also a new, in-game menu, which tracks your progress in completing the achievements. These achievements can be collected across multiple runs as well.
This mod will not conflict with any other mod.


Posters Add-On
by Burgermeister/Wesp

The original Unofficial Patch from Wesp restores a series of wall art posters that appear in your haven as you complete a series of quests for Gary, the Nosferatu primogen. However, due to technical limitations this quest and the posters were removed from Clan Quest Mod. This add-on, however, adds the posters back into the game but without the quests. Over time, as the game moves forward, your haven will become populated with the posters automatically.
This mod will not conflict with any other mod.


Contextual Loading Screen Add-on
by Burgermeister01

This add-on changes the loading screen between maps to more attractive graphics, which change over the course of the game’s story.

This mod can be installed with any other mods and there is no formal documentation.

The contextual loading screen add-on requires extensive work-arounds to operate, and as a result, is known to cause system instabilities. Install this add-on cautiously. If you choose to go ahead with this option, save often. Also the following maps are known to freeze for a few seconds on occasion:
Santa Monica Haven
The Asylum
Isaac’s Office
Ventrue Tower
Ming Xioa’s Palace


Weapons Sounds Mod
by LT-447

This mod changes most of the firearms in the game to have more resonating, realistic sound effects.

This mod cannot be installed with the Arsenal mod; installing one excludes the other.


X20 Mod
by Ian A. A. Watson

This mod makes subtle changes to the bus maps, some of the user interface and other textures seen in the game, making additional references to other aspects of the World of Darkness. It’s a great addition both for someone interesting in learning more about the setting, or die hard fans that love seeing some familiar things around L.A. Read more on the mod’s homepage.
This mod does not conflict with any other mods. There’s additional documentation included on install.


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