Sabbat Walkthrough

Clan Quest Mod 4.0, besides providing a number of new quests, including individualized quests based on the clan you’re playing, changes the way you can interact with the Sabbat. There’s a new chapter to the game accessible either by joining up with the Sabbat when you first meet Andrei or replacing the quest at the Hallowbrook Hotel later in the game if you stay loyal to the Camarilla. This guide primarily deals with the former case, explaining what to do and how the story unfolds if you go with the Sabbat. This guide also directs you to do things to maximize the amount of the content you’ll experience.



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The Sabbat content becomes available first after speaking with Andrei during the King’s Way quest, when Isaac sends you to Andrei’s house to kill him. During your conversation, there will be several opportunities in the dialog to ask Andrei about his plan and joining the Sabbat. If you follow through and agree with him, he will receive you into the Sabbat, but not before you prove your loyalty: Andrei will ask you to continue on through the Warrens to kill Gary rather than to simply find him and discuss the sarcophagus.

If you agree to all this then you’ve started your initiation in to the Sabbat. Your reward: Andrei will allow you to skip several of the sewer maps and brings you to the final map, the one that takes you to the Nosferatu hideout. Everything should still be normal at this point. You can talk to Imalia and Mitnick and get their quests. When you get to Gary’s lair, then things change. After he appears, you can tell him you’re going to kill him for the Sabbat. If you don’t tell him this or you renege on your threats, then you fail your trial and you cannot join the Sabbat.

If you follow through, then you have a brief combat with Gary. He’ll attack you with an axe, and once you get him to half health, he’ll disappear again. He’ll say some threatening things and then escape, leaving you alone. At this point you can access his computer. The password to his email is “gravity” (note the poster on the wall). Once you get in there you’ll find a message from “Virgilius”, implicating someone named “Antonio” in East LA as the buyer of the sarcophagus.

At this point, things will be different for you around LA. Gary’s told everyone about you, so you’re cut off from all your old contacts. You can’t enter the chantry any more. If you visit the Anarchs at the last round they’ll attack you (don’t try killing them, they are invincible). However, the ground floor door to the Hallowbrook is open. Take your new found information back to Andrei whose lair is located there. He’ll be angry at first you didn’t kill Gary but he’ll be more happy you found a clue about the sarcophagus. He’ll tell you that your new initiation will involve traveling to East LA to make good with one of the packs there and to help them find the sarcophagus.



East LA

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Now when you talk to the Cabbie, you have to tell him in dialog to take you to East LA. Likewise, if you’re Nosferatu there’s a sign next to the sewer map in each of the hubs that you can use to travel to East LA. In either case, after talking to Andrei this new zone is open to you.

When you get to East LA you’ll find out there’s basically two factions you can join up with: Victoria’s pack or Hazel Tome’s. Andrei will send you to visit Victoria first, so go talk with her. She’s located in apartment one in the public housing area. She’ll talk down to you at first, but she’ll give you a quest to go negotiate with another Sabbat located in East LA named The Mack. He’s a pimp and she wants you to barter for the release of one of his girls, Arianna.

The Mack’s located in one of the houses on the South street, you can tell it’s his because he has a red light on his porch. Go inside and talk to him. He’ll try to sell you some women, who you can use as a blood doll. You can do that at any time. If you pay him for some time with Arianna you can talk to her and see that she’s under his influence. Tell The Mack you’re there on business and that’s when you can explain your quest from Victoria. He’s not eager to let Arianna go, but will give her up for another favor in the return: he wants you to go to Chinatown and free Barabus.

Go to Chinatown. The game proceeds pretty much as normal for this chapter of the story, introducing all the Kuei-Jin characters and intrigue. The only difference is that after you free Barabus, you won’t get a call from Gary; instead just return to The Mack.

Back in The Mack’s house, when you step in the door, you’ll witness an exchange between Hazel Tomes and The Mack, where Hazel seems to be asking him for his support in some matter. If you haven’t already met Hazel at this point he’ll stop on his way out the door and invite you to visit him at his church. At this point you can talk to The Mack and get Arianna set free. You can also ask him about Hazel Tomes, and he’ll tell you about a feud going on between the local Sabbat packs to decide who will be the next Bishop of East LA. If you talk to The Mack more, he’ll give you a discount on his blood dolls since you did him a favor, and you can also ask him other questions about himself and the other Sabbat.

When you step outside you’ll see Arianna and have a brief dialog with her. She’s very confused but she’ll give you a quest to visit her in her apartment later. Go back to Victoria and she’ll already know about Arianna’s liberation. You can ask her some questions about herself, the Sabbat and the feud. She’ll give you another quest to go talk to Arturo and help figure out what happened to a missing shipment of drugs her gang was supposed to receive. Victoria will also give you access to a new haven, in apartment five.

Go talk to Arturo in apartment four, around back from the house that Victoria lives in. He’ll be a jerk to you at first, but he’ll tell you what he thinks happened to the drugs and he’ll tell you to go question Alejandra at the laundromat.

On your way out of the section 8 housing, talk to Arianna in her apartment; you can tell which one is her’s because it has the Christmas lights around the door. When you go inside she might be in the living room or her bedroom, but she’ll be dressed in street clothes now. She’ll think you’re robbing her at first but if you explain how you know her she’ll open up. You can ask her some questions about herself, but you only need pay her the visit to get the XP point.

Now stop in the laundromat and talk to Alejandra. You have a few options here. You can use your disciplines to make her talk, or if you have high persuasion or intimidation you can also crack her that way. She’ll tell you she has no idea what happened to the drugs and that the courier, Joaquin, never delivered them. If you have a high humanity+Investigate or Auspex level two, you can see that she’s telling the truth. You can decide to kill her or not, it doesn’t make a huge difference. If you can’t get her to talk, then you have to fight her, and she’ll drop her phone, which gives you a clue that Joaquin took the drugs and that you can find him at the El Tenampa bar. If you’re Nosferatu, then you skip all of this, and you have the option of reading her phone messages; she’ll leave it on the store counter.

Now take a break from Victoria’s quests and instead go visit Hazel Tomes at the church. He’s at the back of the church by the altar, surrounded by his pack and followers. He’ll give you a long speech, but ultimately he’ll give you a quest to go murder a real estate developer threatening to buy and demolish his church.

In completing Hazel’s quest, you get more XP if you find a clue on the matter. The first clue is available at the Taco Shop on the other side of the block from the church. Go talk to Martina, the clerk there. You have an option to make small talk with her, and you can ask her about the church construction project. In each part of the dialog you can say something congenial or something rude; always chose the nice option. If you keep asking her, she won’t know anything about the block being bought; it’s a false rumor. This clue isn’t available if you’re Nosferatu.

Next, stop at the El Tenampa bar, you’ll find Joaquin at the bar. Again, you have some options. If you talk to him you can use: your disciplines, high intimidate, high persuasion or high seduction + female, to get him to confess. He’ll be absolutely convinced that he brought the drugs at the arranged time, and with a high humanity + Inspection or Auspex 2 you can also see that he’s telling the truth. Again, you can choose whether or not to kill him. If you can’t get him to talk, then you have to fight and kill him. This part of the quest works fine if you’re Nosferatu. No matter what happens, you’ve hit a dead end and have to return to Arturo and Victoria empty handed.

After you’ve dealt with that, go inside the real estate office in the shopping area; it’s on the North street across from the project housing. In the office, there’s another clue for Hazel’s quest, but you have to have a high Finance and Intelligence to get it: read the papers on the desk and you’ll learn that the church property is basically worthless. Talk to the developer, Lyle, inside. You need to use disciplines, intimidate or persuasion to get him to calm down otherwise he’ll try to shoot you. After that you can confront him if you found either of the clues and find out that he’s made an honest but perplexing mistake in his appraisal of the church. If you have an even higher discipline/intimidate/persuasion skill you can make him leave town without killing him, but otherwise he has to die to finish the quest.

After dealing with Lyle, go back to Hazel Tomes and turn in the quest. He’ll thank you profusely, and if you keep talking with him he may offer you another quest. Politely turn him down (for now), more on that later.

Go back to Arturo’s apartment and tell him your assessment of the situation. You’ll get some XP, and if you’re nice to him, even though he’s disappointed, he’ll be cool with you. Henceforth, you can talk to him to get his opinion on things.

After that go to Victoria’s apartment. You’ll find her now in her lair, a hidden area underneath the apartment, accessible from the bedroom closet. Talk to her and turn in her quest. She may also offer you another quest, but politely turn her down.

At this point you have to make a choice between Hazel or Victoria. If you talk to one of them again and begin their quest line, you’re locked into that pack henceforth. Each one, Hazel and Victoria, has their own questline laid out below.




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If you choose Victoria, talk to her again and she’ll give you a quest to take some heroin needles over the the junkies hanging around Hazel’s church and hand them out for free. Run over to the church and find two NPCs to whom you can speak. The first is a rather ugly looking woman who will take your needles gladly. The other is one of the male bums in a brown jacket. You need a few points in persuasion to get him to cooperate.

After that’s done run back to Victoria. For the next part of the quest, she’ll tell you to take part in Sabbat blood sports. They’re going down at Searls Park across from the Taco Shop. Hanging around in the trees you’ll find some Sabbat dudes, and one of them will briefly talk with you and explain what you have to do (if Victoria hasn’t already). They are playing “GTA3”, a game that’s about causing as much mayhem as possible against the hookers and bums (remember in GTA3, the joke was always about beating the hooker with a bat and taking her money). After that the game starts, and your pack will start running around attacking bums, hookers and cops. You CAN do the same. To advance the quest in the log, you have to earn 3000 “points”, but technically, you can just run straight to the laundromat and advance the quest, the effect is the same.

In the laundromat, you’ll hear the carnage going on outside, including the cops arriving. Arturo is inside, and he’s not happy since he was there conducting some business in relation to the drug trade. He’ll insist on trying to lure the cops away himself and will run off into the night; you can hear him being shot at.

When you come outside, you’ll see the results of the shoot out. Go back to Victoria, when you get there you’ll see a small exchange between her and Hazel. He’s pissed about something you did, but Victoria agrees to try and help Hazel. Hazel will leave and then you can talk to Victoria and explain what happened. She’ll tell you that you did well, but to go to Arturo’s place and try to help him escape the cops.

Go to Arturo’s apartment and you’ll find him bleeding out on the table. Talk to him and he’s conceded himself to death. Victoria will appear and explain that the game was just a big test to see how loyal Arturo was and how monsterous you could become. She’ll explain since Arturo passed the test, she intends to embrace him and bring him into the pack. A short cut scene will play showing this. Afterwards Victoria will talk to you again, and tell you that she’s put a hit out on a Camarilla spy, Jesse, and she expects you to act on it.

Go outside and over to the skate park where Jesse lives. You can actually talk to him at any point in the game and he’ll try to tell you some useful information but now you’re there to kill him. You can just attack him or shit talk him before you do it. His dogs will try to bite you, so you either have to get away from them or kill them, too. Once Jesse’s down you have the option to diablerize him, but you must be pretty persuasive to keep him from haunting you. More on that later. Whatever happens, when you kill him his arm gets dismembered and you can take that back to Victoria.

When you get back to Victoria’s apartment, Arturo will be there, now a vampire. You can have a short conversation with him, but bring Victoria the arm in her basement lair. She’ll congratulate you and inform you that her plan is almost totally in motion. She’ll ask you to go to The Mack and tell him that Hazel’s the one that took his girls. Upon further questioning you can learn that after she poisoned Hazel’s flock with the needles, she lured The Mack’s girls to Hazel to turn everyone against him. Now she’s claiming that HAZEL is a plaguebearer (this makes more sense if you interrogated any of the NPCs and got the history between Hazel and Bishop VIck), so as to get the Archbishop’s permission to hunt him down and kill him.

Go talk to The Mack at his house. He’ll be pissed but you can explain he can take his vengeance out at the church. When you go to the church there will be a long cut scene where Victoria and The Mack confront Hazel. Hazel summons his pack and a big army of plague infected victims to help defend him. A big battle takes place and when the dust settles, Hazel and his pack are wiped out. After the fight there’s another cut scene of a vaulderie ritual led by Victoria formally welcoming you and Arturo into the pack.

After that you’re transported outside of the church. Go back to Victoria’s apartment and talk to Arturo. He’ll tell you that it’s time to find out where the the missing drugs from earlier went. He suspects a young gang member, Eduardo, might be involved since he’s flashing more money than he should reasonably have. Arturo tells you to look for his distinctive blue hotrod around town.

You can find Eduardo (and his car) at the Taco Shop. When you go inside you have a few options. You can use: disciplines, intimidate, persuasion + male or seduction + female to get him to tell you what he’s into. He’ll tell you about someone that’s been paying him who fits The Mack’s description. Failing that, you can also fight and kill him. He’ll drop a business card with The Mack’s address on it giving him away.

Take your clue back to Victoria and tell her what’s up. She’ll be skeptical at first but then she’ll agree to meet you with Arturo over at The Mack’s house to kick him out of town. Go to The Mack’s house. A cut scene will play of Victoria confronting The Mack, and then a combat will ensue. He’ll summon some tentacles from the Abyss and call on his bodyguard, Vincent, to help him. Once all are defeated, Victoria will ask you to help search his house for clues. If you look on The Mack’s computer you’ll see two programs: ledger and email; you’ll need to access both. The password to his email is “playboy” (the pinup art in his hallway), and “goya” (the artwork behind the couch). If you read all his notes you’ll see he brokered the deal between the Nosferatu and Giovanni, trading away the sarcophagus, and had been trying to distract the local packs while he did it.

After you uncover his notes, talk to Victoria. She’ll tell you that it’s time to take this news to the Archbishop. And with that you’ve completed Victoria’s chapter of East LA.




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If you’d rather side with Hazel, go back to his church and talk to him again. He’ll tell you that he wants to kill Jesse himself and he wants you to lure him into the church. To this end, he’ll ask you to go destroy Jesse’s murals around town. If you take this quest, you won’t be able to find or talk to Jesse any longer, so if you have any questions for him, you should ask them before taking this quest.

Go outside the church and look for the murals. The first one is behind the church on the side of the Taco Shop. You should have a use icon around the mural; when you press it you’ll spray paint over the artwork. (This is a little bugged. Sometimes the player will disappear or the animation won’t play, but the end effect is always the same). One of Jesse’s dogs will appear from the end of the alley and start attacking you. You can kill the dog or just run away.

The second and third murals are on the warehouse next to the C&C Market and at the skate park respectively. It’s the same sort of thing: destroy the mural then kill/evade the dog. Once all three are destroyed, run back to the church and talk to Hazel again. Next he’ll tell you he needs you to deliver a package to Arturo, that it’s payment for Arianna’s life, who he intends to embrace. He’ll tell you it’s all part of his bigger plan.

Go to Arturo’s place and give him the briefcase. After he opens it, tell him what it’s for. He’ll get really pissed and chase you off. Go back to Hazel. When you get to the church, you’ll see Arianna unconscious on the church’s altar. After you talk to Hazel again, a short cut scene will play, showing a sermon from Hazel before he embraces Arianna.

After the sermon, Hazel will now tell you to go talk to Victoria, blaming Arturo for robbing her safe, as payment to Hazel to make him into a vampire. If you press him, you’ll see that it was Victoria’s gold he gave to Arturo to turn them against each other. When you go to Victoria, you’ll find her fuming in her basement lair. She’s mad as hell, but she’ll buy your lie that Arturo is the one who stole from her.

When you get back to the church, you’ll find Hazel in the middle of another sermon. He’ll be interrupted by Victoria demanding an explanation for Arianna’s state. Soon after, Arturo and his gang will arrive and then Jesse, all at each other’s throats. A large combat will break out with everyone trying to kill one another. Mainly, you just need to defend yourself from Jesse, but all the other NPCs will kill each other off. When the dust settles, Hazel and his pack will be left. After the combat, a short cutscene plays showing a vaulderie ritual conducted by Hazel formally introducing you and Arianna into the pack.

When that’s done you’re transported outside the church. Go back inside. Arianna will be waiting by the doors to have a brief chat with you. You can see she’s a little messed up now. Go and talk to Hazel. He’ll be pissed because now the city is trying to condemn his church and have it torn down. He’ll command you to go kill the alderman responsible for that who is at the El Tenampa bar.

When you get to the bar, you’ll find the local politician on the back patio, with who looks to be a prostitute. There’s several options here. If you talk to him, even using your skills/abilities he won’t tell you anything useful. If you wait around the bar, eventually he’ll leave with his company. If you follow him outside, you can tail him all the way back to The Mack’s house. If at any point he sees you, you’ll probably have to fight him. If you kill him in the bar or on the street he’ll drop a business card with The Mack’s address on it. Don’t try talking to him if you’re Nosferatu, as he’ll only attack you. In any case, you have a clue that this guy is involved with The Mack.

Go back to Hazel with this information and tell him what you saw. He’ll be only too happy to kick The Mack out of town. He’ll ask you to meet him and Arianna at The Mack’s house. When you get there, a cutscene will play where Hazel confronts The Mack about his wrongdoings and then a combat will ensue. He’ll summon some tentacles from the Abyss and call on his bodyguard Vincent to help him. Once all are defeated, Hazel will ask you to help search his house for clues. If you look on The Mack’s computer you’ll see two programs: ledger and email; you’ll need to access both. The password to his email is “playboy” (the pinup art in his hallway), and “goya” (the artwork behind the couch). If you read all his notes you’ll see he brokered the deal between the Nosferatu and Giovanni, trading away the sarcophagus, and had been trying to distract the local packs while he did it.

After you uncover his notes, talk to Hazel. He’ll tell you that it’s time to take this news to the Archbishop. And with that you’ve completed Hazel’s chapter of East LA.



After East LA

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After you’ve completed the East LA chapter of the game, regardless of the pack you sided with, things play out more or less the same.

First, return to Andrei at the Hallowbrook and tell him what happened in East LA. He’ll be pretty stoked and give you the sword you normally get in his chamber as a reward. Then he’ll give you a quest to go kill the Giovanni and take the sarcophagus back from them. In the entrance room you’ll also find your packmates, Hazel/Victoria and Arianna/Arturo. You can talk to each of them, and ask them to come with you on your mission to the Giovanni mansion. They’ll act like companions, regardless of whether you have the companion mod installed or not. They won’t appear though, until you arrive at the Giovanni mansion.

With that, take the sewers or talk to the cabbie and head to the Giovanni stronghold. This plays out the same, except that if you brought any of your packmates with you, you have to fight your way through the mansion. The only other difference is that once you beat Bruno Giovanni and all his henchmen, he’ll fall to the ground and you have the option of diablerizing him.

After you retrieve the sarcophagus, you’re returned to the Hallowbrook, in Andrei’s chamber. Talk to him and he’ll congratulate you on a job well done. He’ll then tell you that the thing is stuck shut, but that he has a clue how to open it. He’ll give you a quest to go to the Empire Hotel and interrogate Professor Johansen about it. Again, in the entrance room you’ll find your packmates. You have the option to talk to them and take them with you if you like. In this case, they’ll meet you in the hotel lobby. Although you may not want to take them with you on this mission since it has as stealth option and they can easily interfere with it.

Go to the Empire hotel and take the elevator to floor four. When the elevator doors open you’ll see a couple of hunters walking down the hall, so you need to duck back into the elevator. They’ll have a brief conversation that you can overhear explaining that they’re there to guard Johansen until Bach can arrive.

Now you have the choice to either fight your way through all the hunters or to try and sneak into Johansen’s room. This guide will explain the sneaky way.

First, as you come out of the elevator, you’ll want to go to your right and open the door leading to the suites and find the first door on the right. Inside that suite are two hunters patrolling the room. Very carefully, you want to distract one while you kill the other, and then kill or avoid the first guard you distracted. If you don’t want to kill them, you can also sneak through by hiding in the bathroom. The end goal is the room key on the table.

With the key in hand, head back towards the elevators, and this time enter the doors on the opposite side of the room. There is a guard that patrols that hall so watch out for him. The first door on the left is the one you want to go in. Pick the lock on the door (it takes skill 7), and enter the storage room. There’s an open vent there for you to enter; follow that vent around to the end. There’s one point where you need to carefully maneuver around a grate or the guards below will spot you. You can also listen to their conversation with each other.

When you get to the end of the vent, there’s an opening that takes you to another storage room. That room has a grate that connects it to the adjacent bathroom. Go through there, and enter the main area of that suite. There’s a guard watching TV you’ll need to either stealth kill or avoid. In the hallway there’s another guard you’ll want to try and avoid. The next suite over, to the left of where you come out, is the room where Johansen is being kept. Go in that room and stealth kill the guard inside.

Now, with the path clear you have a chance to talk to Johansen. He’ll tell you about the sarcophagus and then you can either kill him or spare his life. At that point, you carefully come back the way you came to exit the hotel.

Outside the hotel, you’ll run into Ming Xiao. She’ll tell you about her scheme with LaCroix and more importantly, that she is the one with the key (if only she could have told you sooner, eh?). After talking to her, go back to Andrei and tell him what you’ve learned. He’ll tell you that it’s time to take a war party to Chinatown and take back the key. You can actually refuse him in this case because of what happens next.

Whether you agree to help the Sabbat any longer or not, when you leave the Hallowbrook you mysteriously find yourself back in LaCroix’s office. When you approach the Prince he’ll explain that his domination goes deeper than you realized and that he’s had you programmed for a long while. He’ll use dominate to further extract all the information you have about the sarcophagus and then leave you docile while the Sheriff takes you downstairs and pushes you out a window from the top of the highrise.

You’ll fall, seemingly to your death. After some time, you wake up in the care of your pack in either Victoria’s den or Hazel’s church depending on who you’ve sided with. Victoria/Hazel will explain that while you were out they nursed you out of torpor, but in the meantime the Anarchs and Camarilla have formed an alliance to fend off the Sabbat and go after they key in Chinatown. It’s now up to your pack to take back the key and end this.

You’ll be taken to the Golden Temple in Chinatown with your pack, plus a few shovelheads, to help in the battle. In the first garden you’ll find a fallen guard whom you can feed upon. Otherwise, the place is in disarray: dead guards everywhere and the building is on fire. When you enter the next courtyard, you’ll be confronted by Nines, Bertram, Skelter and a few other people. They’ll tell you they took the key, and then a fight breaks out. Kill Skelter and the generic NPC first. Next fight off Bertram who will disappear at half health and then go after Nines. Nines will escape at half health using celerity and then taunt you, telling you that the Prince’s sheriff has gone for the sarcophagus while you were at the temple distracted.

Leave the temple, and you’ll be taken right back to the Hallowbrook. When you go back into Andrei’s chamber, you’ll see that the sarcophagus has been taken, and he’s been left injured. He’ll tell you that the sheriff showed up with some other Camarilla warriors, killed everyone and took the sarcophagus. But the key is still the first priority. He’ll command you to go to the chantry, the only other place it could be guarded, to get it back.

At this point you can talk to your packmates in the main room and ask them to come on the quest with you. When you leave the Hallowbrook you can either stock up on supplies first or head to the Chantry. When you get to the Chantry, Damsel is waiting there for you. If you have either of the following maxed out you can actually persuade you to join you: persuasion, intimidate, disciplines, seduction + female. Otherwise, she’ll just shit talk and then run off. When you chase after her, you’re taken to an extra dimensional space and a huge fight takes place. You’ll see a lot of Anarch and Camarilla characters, as well as some Tremere creations, all of which need to be killed. The enemies come in waves. The main boss in the first wave is Damsel. In the second wave, you mainly need to fight (and finally kill) Bertram. The third wave is Nines and another Gargoyle.

After you’ve defeated all the enemies, you and you pack are transported into the Regent’s chamber, and he’ll tell you he’ll never give up the key. This next fight will be very familiar if you’ve ever done the Brujah clan quest. The Regent will summon four blood guardians to help him, and teleport around the room whenever he’s injured. He’ll be using spells to drain your blood pool and use pyrokinesis to burn you. Eventually, he will fall and the key will appear.

When you take the key you’ll return to the Hallowbrook. Andrei isn’t anywhere to be found but you’ll have an opportunity here to restock on supplies and talk to your packmates one more time. As usual, you can tell them to come with you on your quest. Then at last you can head to Ventrue tower and finish the game.

When you arrive at Ventrue tower, besides having your pack with you, it’s more or less the same as if you were playing the game without the mod. Fight you way to the top of the tower and then battle it out with the Sheriff.




Sabbat Ending

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There’s a couple of different possible endings to the game depending on the choices you made. After you beat the sheriff you’ll be taken to LaCroix’s office and you can taunt him one last time before your pack and Andrei shows up. Andrei will gloat over LaCroix as well, and then he may surprise you when you declares that he will be the one to open the sarcophagus and diablerize the ancient within.

You have a chance to talk to Andrei before he does that. You can convince him not to do that, but only if you’ve earned his trust over the rest of the rest of the game. That’s accomplished mainly by following his orders and earning a low enough humanity to get additional dialog options demonstrating how well you’ve taken to the Sabbat.

Alternatively, if Victoria is the Bishop and you took the time to ask her about Sabbat rites and she told you about monomancy, then you can challenge Andrei to a duel. He’ll fight you there in LaCroix’s office, but you won’t have the benefit of using your weapons, so it’s a very difficult fight if you’re not maxed on combat abilities.

If you defeat him, Victoria will run up and tell you it’s time to destroy the sarcophagus. You can either agree with her, or tell her that in fact, you only fought Andrei so that YOU could open the sarcophagus. If you say this though, then you have to kill Victoria and your whole pack before you can open the sarcophagus.

Failing any of that however, Andrei will go ahead and open the sarcophagus in spite of your protest.




Camarilla Path

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If you refuse Andrei you have another opportunity to experience the Sabbat plot. Later on in the game, after you kill Bach and return to LaCroix to inform him about Johansen’s information on the sarcophagus, normally he asks you to go to the Hallowbrook Hotel to massacre the Sabbat. Instead what you’ll find now is a new NPC, Jesse, in LaCroix’s office and when you talk to the Prince he’ll instead ask you to go to East LA to infiltrate the Sabbat.

After talking to the Prince, Jesse will speak with you. He’ll tell you to come meet him in East LA for the low down, but that first you must convince Andrei that you want to join the Sabbat. After talking to them, go to the Hallowbrook Hotel. You’ll be taken to the atrium map from the Unofficial Patch Plus and at the bottom of the room, you’ll find Andrei waiting for you. He’ll threaten you at first but that’s when you can make your appeal to join the Sabbat. First you have to convince him you want to join and for that you either need a low humanity or a medium Persuasion ability. After that you need a low Persuasion score to convince him you’ve got a lead on the Camarilla spy and that you’ll find the spy to prove that you’re cool with the Sabbat.

You can also throw that plan away, and proceed with the normal Hallowbrook mission if you prefer but then you won’t be able to see the East LA content. This will also happen if you fail to convince Andrei. If you get on his good side, you’ll be transported back to downtown LA and the cabbie/sewer map will now allow you to access East LA.

When you arrive at East LA, everything is pretty much the same as per the above sections titled “East LA”, “Victoria” and “Hazel”, i.e. you do some introductory quests and then have to choose a faction and it culminates in a big melee. Here’s where the difference are:

Jesse: You have a quest to go talk to Jesse. You should probably go do that first thing; he’s a useful informant. You can find him at the skate park which is South of the project housing.

Additionally, when Victoria puts a hit on him in her quest line, instead you need to go tell Jesse to leave town for awhile, but that you need to take part of his body as a token of his defeat. You have to convince him to let you saw off his arm (don’t worry it’ll grow back!). He won’t be available to ask questions of after you do this.

Similarly, with Hazel’s quest, when you’re sent to destroy his art, you need to instead go to Jesse and explain what’s going on. He’ll agree to lay low if you don’t actually destroy his art. He won’t be available to ask questions of after you do this.

The Mack’s Quest: The Mack won’t give you a quest to free Barabus in return for Arianna because you’ve already done that. Instead he’ll negotiate a tit-for-tat deal: you find him another Latina woman to take Arianna’s place. You have a couple options here:

  • Alejandra at the laundromat: With high persuasion/disciplines/seduction + male you can convince her to go to The Mack’s place on her own free will. Failing that you can just defeat her in combat and then drag her body to The Mack’s house. If you take this option though, you can’t interact with her in Victoria’s quest; instead when you get there you have to read her cell phone messages.
  • Martina at the Taco Shop: Exactly the same as with Alejandra except that if you take her, then you can’t get the clue in Hazel’s quest.
  • Heather: Even though she’s not Latina, if you’re still keeping Heather as your ghoul, you can tell her to go to The Mack’s place which she’ll do freely.
  • Random Latina street hooker: on the north side of the projects, by the C&C market there’s an NPC that looks like a Latina hooker. You can only beat her up and take her to The Mack. This option is also only available if you’ve already killed both Martina and Alejandra.

The Showdown: Whether you side with Hazel or Victoria, it culminates with a showdown at the church. In the case of Hazel, he’s expecting Jesse to show up pissed and with Victoria, he’s not supposed to show up at all. In either case, Jesse shows up to help you in the fight, and blows your little ruse, and either Victoria or Hazel will get pissed at you. At this point you have to kill everyone else at the church except Jesse. After the fight, Jesse will give you a little pep talk and send you on your way.

When you go to leave the church you’ll run into Ming Xiao who will explain the same things about her plot with LaCroix and the key as she would explain outside the Hallowbrook in the vanilla game.

After that, return to LaCroix to turn in the quest and the rest of the game proceeds as expected.




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In CQM 4.0 it’s also possible to diablerize other vampires, given you’ve officially joined the Sabbat. You still can’t diablerize anyone if you stick with the Camarilla (it just doesn’t fit with all their rules). The way it works is that a handful of NPCs can be cornered at one point or another in the game, giving you an opportunity to assault them. When they get to half-health, they’ll fall down and you have a chance to take their power.

There’s always two dialog options: one to eat them and one to let them go. If you don’t finish drinking their blood, you also botch the diablerie attempt. After you take their power, your stats are buffed but you enter a dialog with a ghost of the person whose soul you drank. You have to convince them that their consciousness can co-exist with your own. How best to do this depends entirely on the sensibilities of the NPC being eaten.

If you fail to convince an NPC that you’re in charge of them now, then they will “haunt” you, meaning that it opens the door to additional random frenzy checks. The more frequently you fail to convince an NPC, the more frenzy checks you’ll have to make.

In any case, if you kill them in combat it’s treated like murder for purposes of humanity loss but if you successfully diablerize them, then it’s an automatic permanent loss of humanity – meaning you lose a dot in humanity, and also your total humanity pool is reduced by one as well, e.g. the first time you commit diablerie your humanity pool is reduced to nine, the second time to eight. This can’t be represented on your character sheet unfortunately.

The buff you get is one random dot in a discipline the deceased possessed and one random dot in a skill/talent/knowledge they possessed. If your own ability surpasses that of the consumed NPC, then that ability can’t be randomly selected. However, this opens the door to the possibility that if you’re better than that NPC at everything then you won’t get anything from the diablerie.

Here’s a list of all the NPCs:



To take Ash, agree to help him escape the hunters in his club and take him through the sewers. After all the hunters are defeated, you have a dialog option to attack him.

Disciplines: Auspex (2), Celerity(2), Presence(2)

Abilities: Finance(2), Subterfuge (5), Scholarship (2)

To subsume his spirit: Dominate/Dementation (4), Persuasion (5), Intimidate (6)


Brother Kanker

Obviously this isn’t available if you do the plaguebearer quest earlier in the game. Just defeat him in combat in that quest as you typically might. You won’t lose any humanity for killing Kanker but you will if your diablerize him.

Disciplines: Animalism (3), Potence (3), Obfuscate (4)

Abilities: Brawl (3), Intimidate (4), Stealth (4), Scholarship (2)

To subsume his spirit: Dominate (3), Dementation (2), Persuasion (7)


Bruno Giovanni

If you start a fight in the Giovanni mansion, Bruno Giovanni will come out and fight you. When you beat him you have an opportunity to take his power. Sorry no Necromancy available here.

Disciplines: Potence (2), Celerity (3), Dominate (3)

Abilities: Intimidate (3), Firearms (3), Finance (5), Investigate (2), Scholarship (2)

To subsume his spirit: Dominate/Dementation (5), Persuasion (9). Bruno is one of the trickier NPCs to take. There are false leads for both intimidate and persuasion. You need to appeal to his sense for family bonds and the power of the vinculum.



Anytime after joining the Sabbat go to Isaac in his office and you’ll get in a fight if you talk to him. Watch out, as he’s very difficult to kill in combat.

Disciplines: Auspex (4), Celerity (3), Presence (5), Fortitude (2)

Skills: Subterfuge (3), Brawl (3), Firearms (3), Finance (4), Investigate (3), Scholarship (3)

To subsume his spirit: Isaac is a tough one to crack because of his age. The only way to break him is to first have diablerized both VV and Ash. Then you want to taunt him about that, and finally use that as a point to crush any hope he had left. There’s a ton of false leads in his dialog.



Anytime after you join the Sabbat you can visit Jeanette in her bedroom. You should have a dialog option to attack her then. Note that you can only get a dot in dementation from her if you’re Malkavian. Also, note that all of the Malkavian sisters have a better odds of causing a frenzy when they “haunt” you, so you really don’t want to mess up on diablerizing them.

Disciplines: Auspex (3), Obfuscate (2), Dementation (3), Dominate (3)

Abilities: Subterfuge (4), Firearms (2), Stealth (2), Computers (2), Finance (2)

To subsume her spirit: Dominate/Dementation (4), Seduction (8), Intimidate (7) + Seduction (4). Several false leads with Jeanette, careful with this one.



You can attack Jesse and diablerize him at any point when you’re Sabbat. If you side with Victoria, her quest line forces this. He’s very difficult to beat in combat, however.

Disciplines: Animalism (4), Protean (3), Fortitude (3)

Abilities: Brawl (4), Stealth (3), Intimidate (2), Subterfuge (1), Investigate (2)

To subsume his spirit: Dominate/Dementation (4), Persuasion (8). Very difficult to control, many false leads. You must appeal to his sense for freedom and self-expression.


Jezebel Locke

Obviously this isn’t available if you do the plaguebearer quest earlier in the game. Just defeat her in combat in that quest as you typically might. You won’t lose any humanity for killing Jezebel but you will if your diablerize her.

Disciplines: Auspex (2), Celerity (1), Presence (2)

Abilities: Subterfuge (4), Finance (2), Investigate (2)

To subsume her spirit: Dominate (3), Dementation (2), Seduction (7)



After you join up with the Sabbat you can find Julius, the thinblood, down by the Santa Monica Pier. Just walk up to him and start talking and you’ll have an option to attack him. One of the easiest to take down, but also the least useful.

Disciplines: Potence (1), Fortitude (1)

Abilities: Stealth (3), Security (2), Investigate (3)

To subsume his spirit: Dominate (1), Dementation (1), Persuasion (6), Intimidate (4)


Serial Killer

Just complete the serial killer quest line as you normally might, and when you confront him in the junkyard, once you beat him in combat you have an opportunity to take his soul.

Disciplines: Animalism (2), Fortitude (3), Protean (5)

Abilities: Brawl (4), Dodge (3), Investigate (3), Stealth (2)

To subsume his spirit: Dominate (4), Dementation (2), Persuasion (5), Intimidate (7)



You can confront her at any time after joining the Sabbat. Just talk to her and you’ll have an option to attack.

Disciplines: Auspex (3), Dominate (2), Protean (3)

Abilities: Scholarship (4), Intimidate (3), Stealth (2)

To subsume her spirit: Humanity < 5 AND Persuasion (8). Tricky one: you must appeal to her sense of curiosity with death.



Anytime after you join the Sabbat you can visit Therese in her office. You should have a dialog option to attack her then. Note that you can only get a dot in dementation from her if you’re Malkavian. Also, note that all of the Malkavian sisters have a better odds of causing a frenzy when they “haunt” you, so you really don’t want to mess up on diablerizing them.

Disciplines: Auspex (3), Obfuscate (2), Dementation (3), Dominate (3)

Abilities: Subterfuge (4), Firearms (2), Stealth (2), Computers (2), Finance (2)

To subsume her spirit: Dementation (3), Dominate (4), Persuasion (8), Intimidate (6) + Persuasion (6). She’s tricky and has a lot of false leads. You need to threaten her with force but then appeal to her sense for power.



Anytime after you join the Sabbat you can visit Therese/Jeanette in their office. You should have a dialog option to attack them then. Note that you can only get a dot in dementation from them if you’re Malkavian. Also, note that all of the Malkavian sisters have a better odds of causing a frenzy when they “haunt” you, so you really don’t want to mess up on diablerizing them. These two may be the hardest to control since it’s essentially two minds in one.

Disciplines: Auspex (3), Obfuscate (2), Dementation (3), Dominate (3)

Abilities: Subterfuge (4), Firearms (2), Stealth (2), Computers (2), Finance (2)

To subsume her spirit: Dementation (5), Dominate (4), Persuasion (8) + Seduction (8)



After you join the Sabbat you can talk to VV in her club for an option to attack her. However, this option is ONLY available when/if Hazel is established as Bishop of East LA (this is because if you kill her it contradicts something in the Victoria storyline). VV is different than the others because she makes no effort to fight you. Instead she uses her incredible powers of presence to cause you to bow before her, and then she runs off. She gets a head start and you have to catch her before she gets away.

Disciplines: Auspex (4), Celerity (2), Presence (4)

Abilities: Subterfuge (5), Finance (3), Investigate (2)

To subsume her spirit: Dominate (4), Dementation (3), Seduction (6) + VV approval score of 6+, Intimidate (7). She can be tricky. If you use seduction you need to have been charming and flirting with her in your previous interactions for it to work. If you use intimidate you have a false lead, but you need to be explicit in the threats you make to her.



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